Sticks & Stones - The Lost Album

Sticks & Stones - The Lost Album

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1Help The Homeless (Studio 1990)Johnny Thunders
2Disappointed In You (Studio 1990)Johnny Thunders
3Children Are People (Studio 1990)Johnny Thunders
4Night Lives (Studio 1990)Johnny Thunders
5Glory, Glory (Studio 1990)Johnny Thunders
6Familiarity Breeds Contempt (Studio 1990)Johnny Thunders
7Some Hearts (Studio 1990)Johnny Thunders
8Tell The Truth (Studio 1990)Johnny Thunders
9You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory (Acoustic 1982)Johnny Thunders
10(She’s So) Untouchable (Acoustic 1982)Johnny Thunders
11Hurt Me (Acoustic 1982)Johnny Thunders
12Are You Living? (Acoustic 1982)Johnny Thunders
13Intro: Ask Me No Questions / The Wizard (Live)Johnny Thunders
14Pipeline (Live)Johnny Thunders
15(I’m Not) Your Stepping Stone (Live)Johnny Thunders
16Great Big Kiss (Live)Johnny Thunders
17The 10 Commandments Of Love (Live)Johnny Thunders
18These Boots Are Made For Walking (Live)Johnny Thunders
19Like A Rolling Stone (Live)Johnny Thunders
20Endless Party (Live)Johnny Thunders
21Pills (Live)Johnny Thunders
22(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (Live)Johnny Thunders
23Personality Crisis (Live)Johnny Thunders

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