Performs New Kids On the Block (Remix Album)
    • Performs New Kids On the Block (Remix Album)
    • Released in 2013
    • 34 Songs


    1Step By StepJordan Knight
    2Baby I Believe in YouJordan Knight
    3Please Don't Go GirlJordan Knight
    4Hangin' ToughJordan Knight
    5If You Go AwayJordan Knight
    6My Favorite GirlJordan Knight
    7You Got It (The Right Stuff)Jordan Knight
    8I'll Be Loving You (Forever)Jordan Knight
    9Let's Try It AgainJordan Knight
    10Cover GirlJordan Knight
    11This One's for the ChildrenJordan Knight
    12Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)Jordan Knight
    13Valentine GirlJordan Knight
    14TonightJordan Knight
    15I'll Be Your EverythingJordan Knight
    16You Got It (The Right Stuff) [European Remix]Jordan Knight
    17Hangin' Tough (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    18This One's for the Children (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    19If You Go Away (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    20Didn't I (Blow Your Mind) [European Remix]Jordan Knight
    21Step By Step (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    22Baby, I Believe in You (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    23Valentine Girl (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    24My Favorite Girl (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    25I'll Be Loving You (Forever) [European Remix]Jordan Knight
    26Tonight (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    27Let's Try It Again (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    28Cover Girl (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    29Please Don't Go Girl (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    30I'll Be Your Everything (European Remix)Jordan Knight
    31Cover Girl (Additional Mix)Jordan Knight
    32Tonight (Additional Mix)Jordan Knight
    33I'll Be Loving You (Forever) [Additional Mix]Jordan Knight
    34Step By Step (Additional Mix)Jordan Knight

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