José Van Dam

    José Van Dam

    • José Van Dam
    José Van Dam

    José Van Dam

    • José Van Dam

    José Van Dam

    Top Songs

    La Jolie fille de Perth, 'The Fair Maid of Perth': "Quand la flamme de l'amour" (Ralph)José Van Dam
    "Non più andrai"José Van Dam
    "In diesen heil'gen Hallen"José Van Dam
    Symphony No. 3, 'Organ' Op. 78: Adagio_Allegro moderatoJosé Van Dam
    Oedipe - Tragédie Lyrique En 4 Actes Et 6 Tableaux Op.23 - Acte III : Qu'entends Je, Oedipe ? (Jocaste, Oedipe, Le Choeur, Le Berger, Phorbas)José Van Dam


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        Jos+¬ van Dam has recorded nearly 150 roles, appeared in multiple world premieres, received most of the awards given to singers, is one of the most respected musicians of his generation -- and almost nobody outside the world of classical music has even heard his name. His presence is rather austere, and his singing is notable for subtlety and attention to detail. His bass-baritone voice is rich, and his phrasing is impeccable in nearly every musical style, from Baroque to contem... Read more

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