You Don't Make It Easy Babe

You Don't Make It Easy Babe

Josh Ritter

Here I am standing at your window again
Waiting for you to say go away or come in
I'm your locked door's worst knocker
I'm your curtain's best friend

I'm trying hard to love you, you don't make it easy Babe
I'm trying hard to love you, I'm looking for an easy way

Your friends ask about me you say I can be found
With the cheap romance novels with their spines battered down
Oh the heart has no bones you say so it won't break
But the purpose of loving is the pounding it takes


The ropes that have bound me leave no marks by their knots
And though they're your hair that don't mean I'm not caught
I know the song of the handcuffs as they scrape across the floor
But that new thing you've got I've got no clue what it's for


With fortune's rocks millstones you hang round my throat
And a brick for my window weighted down with a note
I hope you find someone just as hard as you come
In this hard world sadly that's so easily done

[Chorus: x2]

Written by RITTER, JOSH
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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