Judy Garland at the Movies, Vol. 3
    • Judy Garland at the Movies, Vol. 3
    • Released in 2013
    • 34 Songs


    1Strike Up the Band (From "Strike Up the Band")Judy Garland
    2Do the La Conga (From "Strike Up the Band")Judy Garland
    3Nobody (From "Strike Up the Band")Judy Garland
    4The Gay Nineties (From "Strike Up the Band")Judy Garland
    5A Man Was the Cause of It All (From "Strike Up the Band")Judy Garland
    6Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl (From "Strike Up the Band")Judy Garland
    7Come Home, Father (From "Strike Up the Band")Judy Garland
    8Come Home, Father (2) [From "Strike Up the Band"]Judy Garland
    9Drummer Boy (From "Strike Up the Band")Judy Garland
    10Our Love Affair (From "Strike Up the Band")Judy Garland
    11Hoe Down (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    12Chin Up! Cheerio! Carry On! (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    13Mary's a Grand Old Name (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    14I've Got Rings On My Fingers / Sarah Bernhardt impression (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    15How About You? (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    16Bombshell from Brazil (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    17Minstrel Show (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    18Blackout Over Broadway (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    19Mr Bones and Mr Tambo (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    20F. D. R. Jones (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    21Waiting for the Robert E. Lee (From "Babes On Broadway")Judy Garland
    22Don't Leave Me Daddy (From "Me And My Gal")Judy Garland
    23By the Beautiful Sea (From "Me And My Gal")Judy Garland
    24For Me and My Gal (From "Me And My Gal")Judy Garland
    25When You Wore a Tulip (From "Me And My Gal")Judy Garland
    26After You've Gone (From "Me And My Gal")Judy Garland
    27Ballin' the Jack (From "Me And My Gal")Judy Garland
    28How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On the Farm? (From "Me And My Gal")Judy Garland
    29Where Do We Go from Here? (From "Me And My Gal")Judy Garland
    30Over There / It's a Long Way to Tipperary (From "Me and My Gal")Judy Garland
    31Yankee Doodle / Smiles (From "Me and My Gal")Judy Garland
    32Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile (From "Me and My Gal")Judy Garland
    33When Johnny Comes Marching Home (From "Me and My Gal")Judy Garland
    34For Me and My Gal (Finale) [From "Me and My Gal"]Judy Garland

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