Jimmy Ray McGee (Album Version)

Jimmy Ray McGee (Album Version)

Julianne Hough

Jimmy ray McGee used to lean on his old corvette
Light up a cigarette
That's why I hadn't loved him yet
Jimmy ray McGee was the first string quarterback
A real player and that's a fact
But I wasn't having none of that

I can remember all the times on a Saturday night on my parents' couch
Had the house to ourselves sittin' through a movie and makin' out
He said I had somethin' that he couldn't live without
And I'd get soft
I didn't think about it

Jimmy Ray McGee asked me to the senior prom
But I went on another boy's arm
Heard he made someone else a mom
Oh Jimmy Ray McGee disappeared from our home town
Another daddy out runnin' around
Doin' everythin' but settlin' down yeahh

Oh yeah

Well I was seventeen but I thought too much 'bout the choices I made
From the clothes I wore to the friends I picked to the boys I'd date
I guess in the end it worth all the worry though it hurts to leave
It can hurt worse to hurry

Jimmy Ray McGee used to lean on his old corvette
Light up a cigarette
And that's why I hadn't loved him yet

Oh oh whoa

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