Kathryn Grayson

Romance, a play boy who is born each spring
To teach the nightingale to sing
A very pretty song: "I love you".

Romance, a legend on an old brocade,
A prince who tells a country maid: "I love you".

Now where this whimsy comes from, I don't know;
For when it comes it's just about to go.

Romance, a flower that will bloom awhile
With sunshine from a lover's smile,
That lover's tears bedew! Ah!

Yet, when I seek this beauty,
Flower of youth's first dawning,
I find a prosy work-a-day world
Stretching and yawning!

Love is locked up in cages,
Kept for a poet's pages;
Life and adventure
Don't seem to be paying attention to me!

And so I dream of fair Romance
And let my fancies weave pretty stories.
And tho' I know they are not so,
I like to go wand'ring amid their wistful glories.

My princes become what I mold them,
And they stay for the breath of a sigh!
I open my arms to enfold them,
And they're gone like a breeze rushing by.

Ah, this is a humdrum world,
But when I dream I set it dancing.
When life is gray, I have a way to keep it gay,
Passing the time of day with love.

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