The Best Of
    • The Best Of
    • Released in 2010
    • 31 Songs


    1Our Kate/The Welcome HomeKathryn Tickell
    1Hareshaw BurnKathryn Tickell
    2Lads of Alnwick/Sunderland Lasses/Peacocks MarchKathryn Tickell
    2RhymesideKathryn Tickell
    3Peter ManKathryn Tickell
    3Small and WildKathryn Tickell
    4Stories From The Debateable LandsKathryn Tickell
    4Stagshaw Bank Fair/Shew's The Way to Wallington/Mile To RideKathryn Tickell
    5Gin Ye Kiss My Wife, I'll Tell the Minister/Inverness GatheringKathryn Tickell
    5The Wedding/Because He Was A Bonny LadKathryn Tickell
    6Side Echoes/Down The SideKathryn Tickell
    6Dunstanburgh/Kathryn's FavouriteKathryn Tickell
    7Thomas McElvogue's Number Two/Cuckold Came Out of the Amrey/Thomas McElvogue's Number ThreeKathryn Tickell
    7Rip Off Pharoah/The Mountain Stream/Captain ScuttleKathryn Tickell
    8What It Is/Fare WellKathryn Tickell
    8WestoeKathryn Tickell
    9Here's The Tender Coming/Captain BoverKathryn Tickell
    9Favourite PlaceKathryn Tickell
    10Tune For Matt Robson/KathleenKathryn Tickell
    10Bill Charlton's FancyKathryn Tickell
    11Roly Gentle/Hot Rivets/Tartar Frigate/Closed Face ReelKathryn Tickell
    11Jockey Lay Up in The Hayloft/Bellingham BoatKathryn Tickell
    12Midton Road/Pots & Pencils/Sheep On The MoorKathryn Tickell
    12Brafferton Village/Walsh's HornpipeKathryn Tickell
    13Alan and Catherine's Wedding JigKathryn Tickell
    13Jamie's Air/Jamie's Jig/In the Shadow of the AngelKathryn Tickell
    14Flower of the QuernKathryn Tickell
    14Rothbury HillsKathryn Tickell
    15Tiger's First BirdKathryn Tickell
    16Pipes LamentKathryn Tickell
    17Corn Fiddler/Coquet SightKathryn Tickell

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