Why Wyoming

Why Wyoming

Kellie Coffey

Maybe it was me who said that I would wait forever
Yeah but it was you who said it wouldn't take that long
I sleep alone and wonder if you're comin' back
And what they have out there, that I don't have

(so) Baby,why Wyoming
For another day and then one more
Do you think you'll ever find what you're lookin' for
Tell me why Wyoming, why so far from me
Why not here? Why not home in Tennessee

Well you didn't find your golden dream in sunny California
No revelation blaze across that Oklahoma sky
You move on with your reasons but no good excuse
For risking all we stand to lose


Every moment that you're gone I feel you further away
But I wasn't gonna be to hold you back or make you stay
Anywhere you go I know you'll find
No one's ever gonna love you like I do

So tell me why Wyoming

Tell me why Wyoming
Why so far from me
Why not here? Why not ho
me in Tennessee
Yeah, why not here?
Why not home in Tennessee

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