Kelly Price

Oh God Wake up Kelly Okay you gotta get up
You got a big day ahead
(Door knock)

Come in

Kelly get up come on we gotta go
We gotta get out of here
You suppose to be at trainin' in 15 minutes
at the gym

Okay I'm gettin' up I'm gettin' up now aight
Just give me a couple of minutes and throw some
music and get it motivated and I'll be outta here

Whoa the mirror sho' lie in the mornin'
Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the
baddest diva of them all ha, ha, ha

You, you big momma come on get up
Comb your hair girl you got to go
You got things to do today you
got records to sell you over here
lookin' in the mirror what this
mirror doin' for you?

Who ever's in that closet better get up
out of there I know you ain't trippin'
and trying to have jokes this early in
the mornin' cause you don't look that hot
yourself who ever you are in the mornin'

Man in the mirror who else you think it is


You look at me every mornin'

Man in the mirror Oh god I know I'm tired now
I'm 'bout to go back to bed

Turn my song on and get on a dress and get on
out of here come on we got's to move


Kelly what you doin'?
Come on we got to go you standin' here lookin'
in the mirror like the mirror talkin to you
what you doin'

The mirror, Yvette

Yo, Kelly let's go we gotta walk I don't know, no
We gotta go come on we gotta go

The mirror it just, ass ooh God if only you knew

Gotta know if your for sure so tell me
Do you love me? Love me?
Gotta know if your for sure so tell me
Check it out

Written by PRICE, KELLY
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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