You’re Getting Better: The Word Jazz - Dot Masters
    • You’re Getting Better: The Word Jazz - Dot Masters
    • Released in 2013
    • 45 Songs


    1The Wet StrangerKen Nordine
    1Mr. BigKen Nordine
    2What Time Is It?Ken Nordine
    2SmerdKen Nordine
    3My BabyKen Nordine
    3Bury-It-Yourself Time CapsulesKen Nordine
    4The Sound MuseumKen Nordine
    4Faces In The JazzamatazzKen Nordine
    5The VidiotKen Nordine
    5Manned SatelliteKen Nordine
    6RogerKen Nordine
    6A WhistlerKen Nordine
    7Hunger Is FromKen Nordine
    77 + 1Ken Nordine
    8Looks Like It's Going To RainKen Nordine
    8Hafta Have YouKen Nordine
    9Flibberty JibKen Nordine
    9The ClimberKen Nordine
    10The Smith FamilyKen Nordine
    10There's A She And A HeKen Nordine
    11Miss ConeKen Nordine
    11Reaching Into InKen Nordine
    12Outer SpaceKen Nordine
    12Adult KindergartenKen Nordine
    13Down The DrainKen Nordine
    13SpectrumKen Nordine
    14SecretaryKen Nordine
    14FirefliesKen Nordine
    15Bubble GumKen Nordine
    15So And SoKen Nordine
    16Looking At NumbersKen Nordine
    16Lesson Number 1Ken Nordine
    17Anytime, AnytimeKen Nordine
    17Confessions Of 349-18-5171Ken Nordine
    18I Used To Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My LeftKen Nordine
    18You're Getting BetterKen Nordine
    19LemmingKen Nordine
    19Original SinKen Nordine
    20The BullfighterKen Nordine
    20PacingKen Nordine
    21Junk ManKen Nordine
    21Involutional IntellectionKen Nordine
    22Charlie ZenKen Nordine
    22Silly Ideas I Used To HaveKen Nordine
    23Just A BreatherKen Nordine

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