Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems

Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems

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1Heart A TactKid Dynamite
2Breakin' A MemoryKid Dynamite
3Give 'Em The Ripped OneKid Dynamite
4Two For FlinchingKid Dynamite
5Rise AboveKid Dynamite
6Deny EverythingKid Dynamite
7HatefulKid Dynamite
8I Don't Wanna Hear ItKid Dynamite
9Macho InsecurityKid Dynamite
10Showoff (Demo) (Demo)Kid Dynamite
11Sweet Shop Syndicate (Demo) (Demo)Kid Dynamite
12Never Met The Gooch (Demo) (Demo)Kid Dynamite
13Fuckuturn (Demo) (Demo)Kid Dynamite
14Scarysmurf (Demo) (Demo)Kid Dynamite
15The Ronald Miller Story (Demo) (Demo)Kid Dynamite
16Bookworm (Demo) (Demo)Kid Dynamite
17The Unheard Chorus (Unreleased) (Unreleased)Kid Dynamite
1832 Frames (Unreleased) (Unreleased)Kid Dynamite
19Wristrocket (Unreleased) (Unreleased)Kid Dynamite
20News @ 11 (Unreleased) (Unreleased)Kid Dynamite
21Death And Taxes (Unreleased) (Unreleased)Kid Dynamite
22S.O.S. (Unreleased) (Unreleased)Kid Dynamite
23Heart A Tact (Live) (Live)Kid Dynamite
24Handy With the Tounge Sword (Live) (Live)Kid Dynamite
25KO5-O564 (Live) (Live)Kid Dynamite
26Never Met The Gooch (Live) (Live)Kid Dynamite
27The Penske File (Live) (Live)Kid Dynamite
28Ph Decontrol (Live) (Live)Kid Dynamite
29Deny Everything (Live) (Live)Kid Dynamite
30UntitledKid Dynamite

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