Countrypolitan Classics - Kitty Wells
    • Countrypolitan Classics - Kitty Wells
    • Released in 2013
    • 60 Songs


    1Release MeKitty Wells
    2Together AgainKitty Wells
    3Wild Side of LifeKitty Wells
    4Am I That Easy to ForgetKitty Wells
    5A Dear John LetterKitty Wells
    6Great Speckled BirdKitty Wells
    7Lord, I'm Coming HomeKitty Wells
    8The Wild Side of My LifeKitty Wells
    9Searching for a Soldier's GraveKitty Wells
    10The Great Speckled BirdKitty Wells
    11Oh so Many YearsKitty Wells
    12As Long as I LiveKitty Wells
    13Paying for That Back Street AffairKitty Wells
    14Married by the Bible, Divorced by LawKitty Wells
    15You and MeKitty Wells
    16The Church in the WildwoodKitty Wells
    17Lonesome ValleyKitty Wells
    18How Far Is HeavenKitty Wells
    19I've Kissed You My Last TimeKitty Wells
    20No-one but YouKitty Wells
    21Will Your Lawyer Talk to God?Kitty Wells
    22GuiltyKitty Wells
    23Hey JoeKitty Wells
    24Have I Told You Lately That I Love YouKitty Wells
    25It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk AngelsKitty Wells
    26One by OneKitty Wells
    27Thou Shalt Not StealKitty Wells
    28We Buried Her Beneath the WillowsKitty Wells
    29My MotherKitty Wells
    30I Kissed You My Last TimeKitty Wells
    31I'll Repossess My HeartKitty Wells
    32Ashes of LoveKitty Wells
    33We'll Meet Again SomedayKitty Wells
    34Lonely Side of TownKitty Wells
    35Heartbreak, U.S.A.Kitty Wells
    36This White Circle on My FingerKitty Wells
    37Gathering Flowers for the Masters BouquetKitty Wells
    38I Searched Heaven for YouKitty Wells
    39(I'll Always Be Your) FrauleinKitty Wells
    40Paper RosesKitty Wells
    41One Week LaterKitty Wells
    42I'm a Stranger in My Own HomeKitty Wells
    43Mommy for a DayKitty Wells
    44Dust on the BibleKitty Wells
    45FinallyKitty Wells
    46Left to RightKitty Wells
    47Amigo's GuitarKitty Wells
    48Mockingbird HillKitty Wells
    49Making BelieveKitty Wells
    50Hello Number OneKitty Wells
    51I Gave My Wedding Dress AwayKitty Wells
    52A Mansion on the HillKitty Wells
    53The Waltz of the AngelsKitty Wells
    54Mother Hold Me TightKitty Wells
    55Cold Cold HeartKitty Wells
    56I Can't Stop Loving YouKitty Wells
    57I'll Always Be Your FrauleinKitty Wells
    58My Cold Cold HeartKitty Wells
    59I Don’t Claim to Be an AngelKitty Wells
    60Searching (For Someone Like You)Kitty Wells

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