Platinum Masters
    • Platinum Masters
    • Released in 2012
    • 107 Songs


    1Heartbreak U.S.A.Kitty Wells
    2It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk AngelsKitty Wells
    3I Can't Stop Loving YouKitty Wells
    4Make Up Your MindKitty Wells
    5How Far Is Heaven (feat. Carol Sue Wright)Kitty Wells
    6As Long As I Live (feat. Red Foley)Kitty Wells
    7There's Poison In Your HeartKitty Wells
    8Thou Shalt Not StealKitty Wells
    9Death At The BarKitty Wells
    10Honky Tonk WaltzKitty Wells
    11Paying For That Back Street AffairKitty Wells
    12RepentingKitty Wells
    13A Wedding Ring AgoKitty Wells
    14JealousyKitty Wells
    15The Things I Might Have BeenKitty Wells
    16Lonely Side Of TownKitty Wells
    17Hey JoeKitty Wells
    18Cheatin's A SinKitty Wells
    19Touch And Go HeartKitty Wells
    20You're Not Easy To ForgetKitty Wells
    21Makin' BelieveKitty Wells
    22Release MeKitty Wells
    23She's No AngelKitty Wells
    24One By One (feat. Red Foley)Kitty Wells
    25I Don't Claim To Be An AngelKitty Wells
    26Mommy For A DayKitty Wells
    27Three Ways (To Love You)Kitty Wells
    28Right Or WrongKitty Wells
    29Sweeter Than The FlowersKitty Wells
    30One Way Ticket To The Sky (I've Got My)Kitty Wells
    31I Heard The Jukebox PlayingKitty Wells
    32Dust On The BibleKitty Wells
    33All The TimeKitty Wells
    34The Winner Of Your HeartKitty Wells
    35The Hands You're Holding NowKitty Wells
    36We Buried Her Beneath The WillowsKitty Wells
    37Let Me Help You ForgetKitty Wells
    38He's Lost His Love For MeKitty Wells
    39Just When I Needed YouKitty Wells
    40Fraulein (I'll Always Be Your)Kitty Wells
    41No One But You (feat. Red Foley)Kitty Wells
    42The Great Speckled BirdKitty Wells
    43He's Married To Me (Don't Hang Around)Kitty Wells
    44I Can't Help WonderingKitty Wells
    45A Change Of HeartKitty Wells
    46What I Believe Dear (Is All Up To You)Kitty Wells
    47Searching (For Someone Else)Kitty Wells
    48Can You Find It In Your Heart (feat. Webb Pierce)Kitty Wells
    49My Loved Ones Are Waiting For MeKitty Wells
    50Love Me To PiecesKitty Wells
    51The Waltz Of The AngelsKitty Wells
    52My Used To Be DarlingKitty Wells
    53Stubborn HeartKitty Wells
    54If Teardrops Were PenniesKitty Wells
    55Lonesome ValleyKitty Wells
    56What About YouKitty Wells
    57May You Never Be AloneKitty Wells
    58I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For YouKitty Wells
    59My Cold Cold Heart Is Melting NowKitty Wells
    60My MotherKitty Wells
    61Matthew Twenty-FourKitty Wells
    62That's Me Without YouKitty Wells
    63Cheated Out Of LoveKitty Wells
    64I Hope My Divorce Is Never GrantedKitty Wells
    65I Heard My Saviour CallKitty Wells
    66Crying Steel Guitar WaltzKitty Wells
    67Make Believe (feat. Red Foley)Kitty Wells
    68I Need The PrayersKitty Wells
    69I'm A Stranger In My Home (feat. Red Foley)Kitty Wells
    70He Will Set Your Fields On FireKitty Wells
    71After DarkKitty Wells
    72Lord I'm Coming HomeKitty Wells
    73I'm In Love With YouKitty Wells
    74Standing Room OnlyKitty Wells
    75I'll Be All Smiles (Tonight)Kitty Wells
    76Broken Marriage Vows (feat. Ray Crisp)Kitty Wells
    77Lonely StreetKitty Wells
    78Goodbye Mr Brown (feat. Roy Acuff)Kitty Wells
    79Oh! So Many Years (feat. Webb Pierce)Kitty Wells
    80You Can't Conceal A Broken HeartKitty Wells
    81I'm Tired Of PretendingKitty Wells
    82Whose Shoulder Will You Cry OnKitty Wells
    83Divided By TwoKitty Wells
    84Dancing With A StrangerKitty Wells
    85The Life They Live In SongsKitty Wells
    86Gathering Flowers For The Master's BouquetKitty Wells
    87A Mansion On The HillKitty Wells
    88I'd Rather Stay HomeKitty Wells
    89Satisfied, So SatisfiedKitty Wells
    90They Can't Take Your LoveKitty Wells
    91Mother Hold Me Tight (feat. Roy Acuff)Kitty Wells
    92Love Or HateKitty Wells
    93You And Me (feat. Red Foley)Kitty Wells
    94I've Kissed You My Last TimeKitty Wells
    95The Pace That KillsKitty Wells
    96I Guess I'll Go On DreamingKitty Wells
    97I Don't Want Your Money, I Want Your TimeKitty Wells
    98Each DayKitty Wells
    99Searching For A Soldier's GraveKitty Wells
    100I Gave My Wedding Dress AwayKitty Wells
    101Don't Wait The Last Minute To PrayKitty Wells
    102When I'm With You (feat. Webb Pierce)Kitty Wells
    103One Week Later (feat. Webb Pierce)Kitty Wells
    104You Said You Could Do Without MeKitty Wells
    105I'm Counting On YouKitty Wells
    106I'm Too Lonely To SmileKitty Wells
    107Beside YouKitty Wells

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