Kitty Wells

I don't claim to be an angel, my life's been full of sin
But when I met you, darling, that all came to an end
Never doubt my love, dear, whatever you may do
I don't claim to be an angel but my love for you is true

You'll hear talk around town of things I used to do
Some will try to poison your mind that my love can't be true
Many nights I lay awake, dear, hoping our love will last
Wondering if your love is strong enough to forget about my past
I don't claim to be an angel [unverified]

I never knew what real love was till you came along
You changed my outlook on life, made me regret my wrongs
Why should my past keep haunting me all through the years?
I paid for each mistake with millions of bitter tears
I don't claim to be an angel [unverified]

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