You're holding my heart, screaming
That left me broken, bleeding
Son of
The man you loved and left for
The son of a bitch
Who tried to show me death's door

Everything's eliminated
Everything is dedicated
To the meaningless stuff I've hated
Everything was overrated

Love song for the dear departed
Head stone for the broken hearted
I'm used to kill, for flowers to steal
Head trip for the mortal earth bound
One sip of the blood that I've found
Lying here
I'm dying here

Obituary's rain down
It's our fate
We're lying naked face down

All together decapitated
Can you see me fascinated
Living with the dead god dammit
All together being dismantled


Don't bring me daffodil's
Bring a bouquet of pills
Straight through like radium
Cracked through the cranium
Protect me when you can
Respect me when I am DYING


Written by BUTLER, CHAD L. / , Y
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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