Hidden Stash 420
    • Hidden Stash 420
    • Released in 2009
    • 40 Songs


    1Runnin' ThingsKottonmouth Kings
    1IntroKottonmouth Kings
    2Can Anybody Hear MeKottonmouth Kings
    2Wind me up (feat. Hed p.e. and Tech N9ne)Kottonmouth Kings
    3Take a Ride (feat. Judge D)Kottonmouth Kings
    3Problem Addict ( (feat. Tech N9ne)Kottonmouth Kings
    4New Vision (feat. Dogboy and The Dirtball)Kottonmouth Kings
    4EvolutionKottonmouth Kings
    5Rebel Music (feat. Judge D)Kottonmouth Kings
    5Say Goodbye to the Tangerine SkyKottonmouth Kings
    6We Can Smoke (feat. Big B)Kottonmouth Kings
    6D Iz Who I BKottonmouth Kings
    7Got it get it (feat. Kingspade)Kottonmouth Kings
    7Spark it upKottonmouth Kings
    8Stoner Bitch (feat. Potluck)Kottonmouth Kings
    8Dank in my Brain (feat. Judge D and The Dirtball)Kottonmouth Kings
    9Late night Call (feat. Judge D)Kottonmouth Kings
    9Grind (feat. The Dirtball)Kottonmouth Kings
    10Lookin out my WindowKottonmouth Kings
    10Miss SmokeyKottonmouth Kings
    11Mushroom Cloud (feat. The Dirtball)Kottonmouth Kings
    11Get up (feat. brokeNCYDE)Kottonmouth Kings
    12No Future P-Nice remix (feat. Brother J of X-CLAN)Kottonmouth Kings
    12This is for you (feat. Judge D and The Dirtball)Kottonmouth Kings
    13Keep it Movin (feat. Judge D)Kottonmouth Kings
    13Pack me another ripKottonmouth Kings
    14Don't Sleep on the Streets (feat. Sen Dog)Kottonmouth Kings
    14Purple Smoke (feat. Judge D)Kottonmouth Kings
    15Demons (feat. The Dirtball)Kottonmouth Kings
    15Bumpin (feat. Potluck)Kottonmouth Kings
    16Adventures of ThisKottonmouth Kings
    16Tip Off (feat. Judge D)Kottonmouth Kings
    17Action (feat. Tech N9ne, The Dirtball and Big B)Kottonmouth Kings
    17Superstar (feat. Big B)Kottonmouth Kings
    18Funky Rhyme (feat. Danny Diablo and SubHoodz)Kottonmouth Kings
    18Sick Adventure (feat. Judge D)Kottonmouth Kings
    19Endless Highway (Full Tank Remix)Kottonmouth Kings
    19Sacrifice (feat. Tech N9ne)Kottonmouth Kings
    20Let the Music PlayKottonmouth Kings
    20High HopesKottonmouth Kings

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