Kylie Minogue with Bonus Disc

Kylie Minogue with Bonus Disc

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1Confide In Me (Master Mix)Kylie Minogue
1Dangerous Overture (Big Brothers Mix)Kylie Minogue
2SurrenderKylie Minogue
2Confide In Me (Justin Warfield Mix)Kylie Minogue
3If I Was Your LoverKylie Minogue
3Put Yourself In My Place (Dan's Old Skool Mix)Kylie Minogue
4Where Is The FeelingKylie Minogue
4Where Is The Feeling (Acoustic Version)Kylie Minogue
5Put Yourself In My PlaceKylie Minogue
5Nothing Can Stop UsKylie Minogue
6Dangerous GameKylie Minogue
6Love Is Waiting (Big Brothers Mix)Kylie Minogue
7Automatic LoveKylie Minogue
7Time Will Pass You By (Paul Masterson Mix)Kylie Minogue
8Where Has The Love GoneKylie Minogue
8Where Is The Feeling (West End TKO Mix)Kylie Minogue
9FallingKylie Minogue
9Falling (Alternative Mix)Kylie Minogue
10Time Will Pass You ByKylie Minogue
10Confide In Me (Big Brothers Mix)Kylie Minogue
11Surrender (Talking Soul Mix)Kylie Minogue
12Put Youself In My Place (Acoustic Version)Kylie Minogue
13If You Don't Love Me (Acoustic Version)Kylie Minogue
14Confide In Me (French Version)Kylie Minogue

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