The US Singles Collection 1953-1961

The US Singles Collection 1953-1961

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  • The US Singles Collection 1953-1961


1Whipper SnapperLaverne Baker
1Soul on FireLaverne Baker
2It's so FineLaverne Baker
2How Can You Leave a Man Like ThisLaverne Baker
3I Can't Hold Out Any LongerLaverne Baker
3Why Baby WhyLaverne Baker
4I'm Living my Life for youLaverne Baker
4I Cried a TearLaverne Baker
5Dix-a-BillyLaverne Baker
5Tweedle DeeLaverne Baker
6I Waited Too LongLaverne Baker
6Tomorrow NightLaverne Baker
7You're Teasing meLaverne Baker
7Bop Ting a LingLaverne Baker
8That's All I NeedLaverne Baker
8So High, so LowLaverne Baker
9Play it FairLaverne Baker
9If You Love meLaverne Baker
10Tiny TimLaverne Baker
10That Lucky Old SunLaverne Baker
11Get Up (You Sleepyhead)Laverne Baker
11For Love of YouLaverne Baker
12My Happiness ForeverLaverne Baker
12Shake a HandLaverne Baker
13Fee Fi Fo FumLaverne Baker
13MananaLaverne Baker
14The Wheel of FortuneLaverne Baker
14I'll do the Same for youLaverne Baker
15I Can't Love you EnoughLaverne Baker
15Shadows of LoveLaverne Baker
16StillLaverne Baker
16A Help-Each-Other RomanceLaverne Baker
17How OftenLaverne Baker
17Jim DandyLaverne Baker
18Tra La LaLaverne Baker
18Bumble BeeLaverne Baker
19My Time Will ComeLaverne Baker
19Jim Dandy Got MarriedLaverne Baker
20You're the BossLaverne Baker
20The Game of LoveLaverne Baker
21I'll Never be FreeLaverne Baker
21Humpty Dumpty HeartLaverne Baker
22Love me RightLaverne Baker
22SavedLaverne Baker
23St. Louis BluesLaverne Baker
23Don JuanLaverne Baker
24MiraclesLaverne Baker
24I Didn't Know I Was CryingLaverne Baker
25Hurtin' InsideLaverne Baker
25SubstituteLaverne Baker
26Learning to LoveLaverne Baker
26Voodoo VoodooLaverne Baker
27Harbour LightsLaverne Baker
27Hey MemphisLaverne Baker

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