Don't Neglect The Rose

Don't Neglect The Rose

Larry Sparks

There stands a rose, down in your garden

You left it there, so all alone

It's been neglected, feels unwanted

Since no love, to it is shown

It's beauty now, is fastly fading

Once it was, the brightest red

It's withering fast, It's head is bowing

And no kind words, to it are said


Please don't neglect the rose, In your garden

Show it your love, every day

Then it will bloom for you in all it's beauty

And it will not, fade away

I guess by now, you know my story

Don't neglect, a love that's true

For it may prove to be, the sweetest flower

That will ever, bloom for you

It could be a mother, sister or brother

A husband, wife, or little child

Or it may be, your own true lover

That you've neglected, all the while

Chorus: Please don't neglect the rose…

Written by EMMA L SMITH

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