Cuca's Blues (LP Version)

Cuca's Blues (LP Version)

Latin Playboys

I remember Cuca
With red lips and ink black hair
In the picture that I found
Underneath the stairs

I can see her dancing
When the music was low and slow
In shiny dress and jewelry
Somewhere there used to go

That was so long
When the red car would always ride
Way on up to Spring Street
Down the tracks to the other side

They pulled over and dropped her
At the house so late at night
She waved her keys and said goodbye
And went inside to cry

I guess she had some babies
And two more after that
They grew up men and ladies
And some got old and fat

She got a call from Tony
"What happened yesterday
When a man came down to see you?"
She didn't have much to say

Published by BUG MUSIC

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