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1New IberiaLeadbelly
1Black BettyLeadbelly
1Somebody's Diggin' My PotatoesLeadbelly
2Dancing With Tears in My EyesLeadbelly
2Springtime in the RockiesLeadbelly
2Midnight SpecialLeadbelly
3Boll WeevilLeadbelly
3John HenryLeadbelly
4Careless LoveLeadbelly
4Salt DogLeadbelly
4Rock Island LineLeadbelly
5Rock Island LineLeadbelly
5National Defense BluesLeadbelly
5Easy RiderLeadbelly
6Backwater BluesLeadbelly
6Cry for MeLeadbelly
6Easy, Mr. TomLeadbelly
7Relax Yuor MindLeadbelly
7I Ain't Gonna Drink AnymoreLeadbelly
7Sweet MaryLeadbelly
8Bottle Up and GoLeadbelly
8Goodnight IreneLeadbelly
8Ain't Going to Drink No MoreLeadbelly
9Birmingham JailLeadbelly
9Bottle Up and GoLeadbelly
9Easy Mr. TomLeadbelly
10In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)Leadbelly
10Polly Wolly WeeLeadbelly
10Old RileyLeadbelly
11Pig Latin SongLeadbelly
11Julie Ann JohnsonLeadbelly
11I'm Alone Because I Love YouLeadbelly
12In New Orleans (House of the Rising Sun)Leadbelly
12It's Tight Like ThatLeadbelly
12Hawaiian SongLeadbelly
134, 5 & 9Leadbelly
13Mary Don't You WeepLeadbelly
13Drinkin' Lum y a AllaLeadbelly
14Good Mornign Babe, How Do You Do?Leadbelly
14The Grey GooseLeadbelly
14Talk About Fannin StreetLeadbelly
15Jailhouse BluesLeadbelly
15Fannin StreetLeadbelly
15Silver City BoundLeadbelly
16Sugared the BeerLeadbelly
16You Know I Got to Do ItLeadbelly
16The TitanicLeadbelly
17Didn't Old John Cross the WaterLeadbelly
17Death Letter BluesLeadbelly
17Well, You Know I Had to Do ItLeadbelly
18Nobody Knows You When You're Down and OutLeadbelly
18Mary Don't You WeepLeadbelly
18Goodnight IreneLeadbelly
19He Never Said a Mumbling WordLeadbelly
1925 Cent DudeLeadbelly
19Bully of the TownLeadbelly
20He Never Said a Mumbling WordLeadbelly
20How Come You Do Me Like You Do?Leadbelly
20Sweet Jenny LeeLeadbelly
21Hello CentralLeadbelly
21Yellow GalLeadbelly
21Yes, I'm Going Down to LouisianaLeadbelly
22He Was the ManLeadbelly
22Hesitation BluesLeadbelly
22I Ain't Going Down to the Well No MoreLeadbelly
23We're in the Same Boat, BrotherLeadbelly
23I'll Be Down on the Last Bread WagonLeadbelly
23Ain't Going Down to the Well No Mo'Leadbelly
24Miss Liza JaneLeadbelly
24We're in the Same Boat, BrotherLeadbelly
24Looky Looky YonderLeadbelly
25Leaving BluesLeadbelly
25Jolly O' the RansomLeadbelly
25Dog Latin SongLeadbelly
26Leaving BluesLeadbelly
26Old ManLeadbelly
26Bring Me Li'I Water, SilvyLeadbelly
27Blue Tail FlyLeadbelly
27Mistreatin' MamaLeadbelly
27Shorty GeorgeLeadbelly
28Nobody in This World is Better Than UsLeadbelly
28I'm Going Back Down in LouisianaLeadbelly
29I Don't Know You, What Have I DoneLeadbelly
29Ain't It a Shame to Go Fishin' on a SundayLeadbelly
30Winnsboro Cotton Mill BluesLeadbelly
31I Want to Go HomeLeadbelly

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