Leadbelly Vol. 7 (1947-1949)

Leadbelly Vol. 7 (1947-1949)

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  • Leadbelly Vol. 7 (1947-1949)


1Green Corn ("This Is Jazz" Broadcast)Leadbelly
2John Henry ("This Is Jazz" Broadcast)Leadbelly
3Tell Me Baby What Was Wrong With YouLeadbelly
4Noted RiderLeadbelly
5Take A Whiff On MeLeadbelly
6Ox Driving MoanLeadbelly
7John HenryLeadbelly
8Pick A Bale Of CottonLeadbelly
9Go Down, Old HannahLeadbelly
10Ain't Going Down To The Well No MoreLeadbelly
11Shout On (Honey I'm All Out And Down)Leadbelly
12It Was Soon One MorningLeadbelly
13Whoa Back BuckLeadbelly
14Birmingham Jail (Down In The Valley)Leadbelly
15Take This HammerLeadbelly
16It Was Early One Mornin' (Jail House Blues)Leadbelly
17Goin' Back To Mary (If I Had You Governor / Governor Pat Neff)Leadbelly
18Come And Sit Down Beside MeLeadbelly
19Ha, Ha This A WayLeadbelly
20You Can't Lose A Me, CharlieLeadbelly
21Rooster Crows At Midnight (Christmas Day)Leadbelly
22Skip To My LouLeadbelly
23Parting Song (When You Smile-o)Leadbelly
24Good Morning Blues (WNYC Jazz Festival)Leadbelly
25Ain't Gonna Let You Worry My Life No More (WNYC Jazz Festival)Leadbelly
26Pretty Papa (WNYC Jazz Festival)Leadbelly
27Old Ship Of ZionLeadbelly
28I Will Be So Glad When I Get HomeLeadbelly

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