Shout On: Lead Belly Legacy, Vol. 3

Shout On: Lead Belly Legacy, Vol. 3

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  • Shout On: Lead Belly Legacy, Vol. 3


1Shout OnLead Belly
2Little Children's BluesLead Belly
3Governor Pat Neff (Sweet Mary)Lead Belly
4Ain't Going Down to the Well No MoreLead Belly
5Go Down, Old HannahLead Belly
6Come and Sit Down Beside MeLead Belly
7How LongLead Belly
8Old ManLead Belly
9John HenryLead Belly
10Jean HarlowLead Belly
11Birmingham JailLead Belly
12Don't Sleep Too LongLead Belly
13It Was Early One MorningLead Belly
14Uncle Sam Says (Bottle Up and Go)Lead Belly
15If You Want to Do Your PartLead Belly
16National Defense BluesLead Belly
17Whoa Back BuckLead Belly
18Ham and EggsLead Belly
19The Midnight SpecialLead Belly
20The Gray GooseLead Belly
21Yellow GalLead Belly
22Green CornLead Belly
23The Parting Song (When You're Smiling)Lead Belly
24Rooster Crows at MidnightLead Belly
25Skip to My LouLead Belly
26More Yet / Little Boy How Old are You / Green Grass Growing All Around (medley)Lead Belly
27What are Little Boys Made Of / Polly Wolly Wee (medley)Lead Belly
28Ha Ha This-A-WayLead Belly
29You Can't Lose Me, ChollyLead Belly
30It Was Soon One MorningLead Belly
31Take This HammerLead Belly
32Pick a Bale of CottonLead Belly

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