The Total - Vol. 1

The Total - Vol. 1

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  • The Total - Vol. 1


1Any Time, Any Day, Anywhere (Alternate)Lee Wiley
1A Woman's Intuition (Studio)Lee Wiley
2Sugar (Studio)Lee Wiley
2A Ghost of a Chance (Alternate)Lee Wiley
3Street of Dreams (Alternate)Lee Wiley
3Any Time, Any Day, Anywhere (Studio)Lee Wiley
4Soft Lights and Sweet Music (Alternate)Lee Wiley
4A Ghost of a Chance (Studio)Lee Wiley
5Some Sunny Day (Alternate)Lee Wiley
5Oh Look At Me Now (Studio)Lee Wiley
6Chicken Today and Feathers Tomorrow (Studio)Lee Wiley
6Street of Dreams (Studio)Lee Wiley
7'S Wonderful (Studio)Lee Wiley
7Manhattan (Studio)Lee Wiley
8I've Got a Crush on You (Studio)Lee Wiley
8Somebody Loves Me (Studio)Lee Wiley
9Soft Lights and Sweet Music (Studio)Lee Wiley
9The Man I Love (Studio)Lee Wiley
10Fools Fall In Love (Studio)Lee Wiley
10When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South (Studio)Lee Wiley
11Supper Time (Studio)Lee Wiley
11Paradise (Studio)Lee Wiley
12Some Sunny Day (Studio)Lee Wiley
12Careless Love (Studio)Lee Wiley
13I Got Lost In His Arms (Studio)Lee Wiley
13The Old Man of the Mountain (Studio)Lee Wiley
14My Heart Stood Still (Studio)Lee Wiley
14Heat Wave (Studio)Lee Wiley
15How Many Times (Studio)Lee Wiley
15Glad To Be Unhappy (Studio)Lee Wiley
16How Deep Is the Ocean (Studio)Lee Wiley
16My Funny Valentine (Studio)Lee Wiley
17Why Oh Why? (Studio)Lee Wiley
17Give It Back To the Indians (Studio)Lee Wiley
18Sometimes I'm Happy (Studio)Lee Wiley
18My Romance (Studio)Lee Wiley
19You Took Advantage of Me (Studio)Lee Wiley
19Keepin' Myself For You (Studio)Lee Wiley
20Mountain Greenery (Studio)Lee Wiley
20Should I Be Sweet (Studio)Lee Wiley
21It Never Entered My Mind (Studio)Lee Wiley
21Tea For Two (Studio)Lee Wiley
22Rise 'N Shine (Studio)Lee Wiley
22When I Leave the World Behind (Studio)Lee Wiley
23Why Shouldn't I? (Studio)Lee Wiley
23More Than You Know (Studio)Lee Wiley
24The Lonesome Road (Studio)Lee Wiley
24Time on My Hands (Studio)Lee Wiley
25Someday, You'll Be Sorry (Studio)Lee Wiley
26I Left My Heart In San Francisco (Studio)Lee Wiley
27Indiana (Studio)Lee Wiley

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