Lenny Bruce

    Lenny Bruce

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    Lenny Bruce

    Lenny Bruce

    • Lenny Bruce

    Lenny Bruce

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    The Kid In The WellLenny Bruce
    Dangerous DrugsLenny Bruce
    In Which The Artist Describes His Ride To Jail In Philadelphia, Jails In General, And The Philadelphia Lower Courts.Lenny Bruce
    In Which The Artist Recounts His Fantasy With The Judge, Discusses Las Vegas, The Paradox Of Obscenity, Tits And Ass, Nuns, Paul Robeson, And Adolph Eichmann.Lenny Bruce
    In Which The Artist Continues With The Eichmann Theme, The Thomas Merton Poem, Christ And Moses, Legalization Of Pot, Hillbillies, And Ends With Judy Garland's Farewell.Lenny Bruce


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        When once asked to describe jazz, trumpet legend Miles Davis sarcastically but saliently replied, "You can sweat it down to four words: Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker." Applying that same old-school, new-school trailblazer to comedy is somewhat more problematic. A number of great early comics could stand in for the Armstrong entry, among them Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, and George Burns. But in choosing the "Charlie Parker of comedy," by that meaning the one w... Read more

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