Warning Lenny Bruce Is OUT Again

Warning Lenny Bruce Is OUT Again

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1Bunch of CocksuckersLenny Bruce
2Dirty ToiletsLenny Bruce
3Atheists, Bad Workmanship and Religious LeadersLenny Bruce
4The Truth Is, What IsLenny Bruce
5Yours Truly, C.E. HoxeyLenny Bruce
6My Father Soloman AustroeLenny Bruce
7A Stunning Danish Seaman TypeLenny Bruce
8Harry Danny (Soloman Austroe revisited)Lenny Bruce
9To Is A Preposition, Come Is A Verb ----------Lenny Bruce
10Are There Any Niggers Here Tonite?Lenny Bruce
11Beautiful Choice of Interracial MarriageLenny Bruce
12Jerry Lewis Clap-A-ThonLenny Bruce
13Christ and Moses, Come On DownLenny Bruce
14Bloody DiscriminationLenny Bruce
15My Favorite Phone CompanyLenny Bruce
16Monkeying Around with TarzanLenny Bruce
17Bet You Can Take 8 Inches - Fat Boy Buddy BobLenny Bruce
18A Violation is a Moving ThingLenny Bruce
19Jewish Husbands Make the Best MothersLenny Bruce
20You'll Be On The Air SoonLenny Bruce
21Jewish Christ Death - Statues of LimitationsLenny Bruce
22Racial Profiles and GodsLenny Bruce
23God's Obscenity Rules of ThumbLenny Bruce
24Thank You Masked ManLenny Bruce
25Is That Obscene? (Restored)Lenny Bruce
26Hot Lead and Phones Up the AssLenny Bruce
27ZigZag Papers Cover-Ups-------------Lenny Bruce
281st Recorded Session - Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts 4-18-49Lenny Bruce
29Bonus TrackLenny Bruce
30Boner TrackLenny Bruce

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