Complete Aladdin Recordings*Complete Aladdin Recordings*
    • Complete Aladdin Recordings*Complete Aladdin Recordings*
    • Released in 1991
    • 43 Songs


    1Katie Mae BluesLightnin' Hopkins
    1Lightnin's BoogieLightnin' Hopkins
    2Feel So BadLightnin' Hopkins
    2Baby You're Not Going To Make A Fool Out Of MeLightnin' Hopkins
    3(Blues) That Mean Old TwisterLightnin' Hopkins
    3Daddy Will Be Home One DayLightnin' Hopkins
    4Rocky Mountain Blues/I Can't Stay Here In Your TownLightnin' Hopkins
    4Moon Rise BluesLightnin' Hopkins
    5Can't Do Like You Used ToLightnin' Hopkins
    5Howling Wolf BluesLightnin' Hopkins
    6West Coast BluesLightnin' Hopkins
    6Morning BluesLightnin' Hopkins
    7Short Haired WomanLightnin' Hopkins
    7Have To Let You GoLightnin' Hopkins
    8L.A. BluesLightnin' Hopkins
    8Mama's Baby ChildLightnin' Hopkins
    9Big Mama Jump (Little Mama Blues)Lightnin' Hopkins
    9Mistreated BluesLightnin' Hopkins
    10Down BabyLightnin' Hopkins
    10My CaliforniaLightnin' Hopkins
    11Let Me Play With Your PoodleLightnin' Hopkins
    11Honey BabeLightnin' Hopkins
    12Fast Mail RamblerLightnin' Hopkins
    12So LongLightnin' Hopkins
    13Thinkin' And Worryin'Lightnin' Hopkins
    13See See RiderLightnin' Hopkins
    14Can't Get That Woman Off My MindLightnin' Hopkins
    14Unpredictable WomanLightnin' Hopkins
    15Woman, Woman (Change Your Way)Lightnin' Hopkins
    15I Just Don't CareLightnin' Hopkins
    16Picture On The WallLightnin' Hopkins
    16Drinkin' WomanLightnin' Hopkins
    17You're Not Goin' To Worry My Life AnymoreLightnin' Hopkins
    17AbileneLightnin' Hopkins
    18You're Gonna Miss MeLightnin' Hopkins
    18Shotgun BluesLightnin' Hopkins
    19Sugar On My MindLightnin' Hopkins
    19Rollin' And Rollin'Lightnin' Hopkins
    20Nightmare BluesLightnin' Hopkins
    20Tell It Like It IsLightnin' Hopkins
    21Someday BabyLightnin' Hopkins
    21Miss LorettaLightnin' Hopkins
    22Come Back BabyLightnin' Hopkins

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