Lightnin' Strikes Twice
    • Lightnin' Strikes Twice
    • Released in 2005
    • 38 Songs


    1You and Your Man Don't Get AlongLightnin' Hopkins
    1From Man to ManLightnin' Hopkins
    2Rock Me Late At NightLightnin' Hopkins
    2I Wish I Was A BabyLightnin' Hopkins
    3Little Boy BlueLightnin' Hopkins
    3With You On My MindLightnin' Hopkins
    4Sam Talking to the GroupLightnin' Hopkins
    4The Crazy SongLightnin' Hopkins
    5Lightnin's LoveLightnin' Hopkins
    5Little RoseLightnin' Hopkins
    6Sam and Curley TalkingLightnin' Hopkins
    6That Man From New York CityLightnin' Hopkins
    7Take It If You Want ItLightnin' Hopkins
    7Possum HuntLightnin' Hopkins
    8Sam Talking and StrummingLightnin' Hopkins
    8I Got A LetterLightnin' Hopkins
    9Gonna Move Off This StreetLightnin' Hopkins
    9Love Me or Leave MeLightnin' Hopkins
    10Load the TrainLightnin' Hopkins
    10Help YourselfLightnin' Hopkins
    11This Time We're Gonna TryLightnin' Hopkins
    11Baby Don't Tear My ClothesLightnin' Hopkins
    12Let's Work AwhileLightnin' Hopkins
    12Back in My Mother's ArmsLightnin' Hopkins
    13The JetLightnin' Hopkins
    13John HardyLightnin' Hopkins
    14How Can You Love Me and Another Man TooLightnin' Hopkins
    14Goodnight IreneLightnin' Hopkins
    15Chicka Choca ShalaliLightnin' Hopkins
    15I Heard My Baby CryingLightnin' Hopkins
    16One Meat BallLightnin' Hopkins
    16Chicken MaryLightnin' Hopkins
    17Sorrow To My HeartLightnin' Hopkins
    17My Baby Laid Out All NightLightnin' Hopkins
    18Blow Out The CandleLightnin' Hopkins
    18Sam's BlueLightnin' Hopkins
    19Chicken MinnieLightnin' Hopkins
    19Goin' To Heaven When I DieLightnin' Hopkins

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