Tradition Masters Series: Lightin' Hopkins

Tradition Masters Series: Lightin' Hopkins

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1In The Evening The Sun Is Going DownLightnin' Hopkins
2Trouble In MindLightnin' Hopkins
3Mama And Papa HopkinsLightnin' Hopkins
4The Foot Race Is OnLightnin' Hopkins
5That Gambling LifeLightnin' Hopkins
6When The Saints Go Marching InLightnin' Hopkins
7Get Off My ToeLightnin' Hopkins
875 HighwayLightnin' Hopkins
9Bottle Up And GoLightnin' Hopkins
10Short Haired WomanLightnin' Hopkins
11So Long BabyLightnin' Hopkins
12Santa Fe BluesLightnin' Hopkins
13Long TimeLightnin' Hopkins
14Rainy Day BluesLightnin' Hopkins
15Baby!Lightnin' Hopkins
16Long Gone Like A Turkey Through The CornLightnin' Hopkins
17Prison Blues Come Down On MeLightnin' Hopkins
18Backwater BluesLightnin' Hopkins
19Gonna Pull A PartyLightnin' Hopkins
20Bluebird BluebirdLightnin' Hopkins
21See See RiderLightnin' Hopkins
22Worrying My MindLightnin' Hopkins
23Till The Gin Gets HereLightnin' Hopkins
24Bunion StewLightnin' Hopkins
25You Got To Work To Get Your PayLightnin' Hopkins
26Go Down Ol' HannahLightnin' Hopkins
27Hear My Black Dog BarkLightnin' Hopkins

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