Happy Satellite  (Album Version)

Happy Satellite (Album Version)

The Lightning Seeds

Every day and every night
I'm stopping planes collide
On my own above blue skies I'm a happy satellite
I watch the world's ugliness it all unfolds as I pass
I see the young and depressed, I hope they learn how to laugh
I'm watching heartache and pain I measure levels of rain
I notice changes in tides, I know where you were last night
I record famines and droughts
Weather fronts and shoot outs
Deforestation and floods
I'm watching couples make love

I'm numb with typhoons and hate
Even police make mistakes
In lakes outside of new towns I'm watching UFOs drown
I'm just a machine that records all I see and
You can shower me with praises
Or arm me with lasers
Up where the skies are blue, I follow your every move,
I'm watching over you, I know when you're cruel
I love it when lightning strikes, it lights up your dreary lives
I wish I was blind
Everywhere I turn or I go there's a rainbow

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