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The Complete Chess Masters (1950 - 1967)

The Complete Chess Masters (1950 - 1967)

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  • The Complete Chess Masters (1950 - 1967)


1Ah'w BabyLittle Walter
1Evans ShuffleLittle Walter
1Blues With A FeelingLittle Walter
1ThunderbirdLittle Walter
1Back TrackLittle Walter
2I've Had My FunLittle Walter
2JukeLittle Walter
2Roller CoasterLittle Walter
2One Of These MorningsLittle Walter
2Blues With A FeelingLittle Walter
3I've Had My FunLittle Walter
3I Got To GoLittle Walter
3JukeLittle Walter
3Last BoogieLittle Walter
3Blue And LonesomeLittle Walter
4Can't Hold Out Much LongerLittle Walter
4I've Had My FunLittle Walter
4Hate To See You GoLittle Walter
4Blue And LonesomeLittle Walter
4Too LateLittle Walter
5Me And Piney BrownLittle Walter
5Can't Hold Out Much LongerLittle Walter
5The ToddleLittle Walter
5Fast BoogieLittle Walter
5Little GirlLittle Walter
6Confessin' The BluesLittle Walter
6Lights OutLittle Walter
6Crazy For My BabyLittle Walter
6Break It UpLittle Walter
6Blue MidnightLittle Walter
7Can't Stop Lovin' YouLittle Walter
7Key To The HighwayLittle Walter
7Going Down SlowLittle Walter
7Fast Large OneLittle Walter
7Blue MidnightLittle Walter
8One More Chance With YouLittle Walter
8You're SweetLittle Walter
8BoogieLittle Walter
8Rock BottomLittle Walter
8You're So FineLittle Walter
9My Kind Of BabyLittle Walter
9WhoLittle Walter
9Rock BottomLittle Walter
9Mean Old WorldLittle Walter
9I Don't PlayLittle Walter
10Sad HoursLittle Walter
10Boom, Boom Out Goes The LightLittle Walter
10As Long As I Have YouLittle Walter
10Walkin' OnLittle Walter
10Come Back BabyLittle Walter
11You Gonna Be Sorry (Someday Baby)Little Walter
11You Don't KnowLittle Walter
11Fast BoogieLittle Walter
11It Ain't RightLittle Walter
11RockerLittle Walter
12You Gonna Be Sorry (Someday Baby)Little Walter
12Fast BoogieLittle Walter
12I Love You So (Oh Baby)Little Walter
12Just Your FoolLittle Walter
12Flying SaucerLittle Walter
13Up The LineLittle Walter
13You Gonna Be Sorry (Someday Baby)Little Walter
13Oh BabyLittle Walter
13Fast BoogieLittle Walter
13It's Too Late BrotherLittle Walter
14Fast BoogieLittle Walter
14I'm A Business ManLittle Walter
14I Got To Find My BabyLittle Walter
14One Of These MorningsLittle Walter
14Teenage BeatLittle Walter
15Take Me BackLittle Walter
15Don't Need No HorseLittle Walter
15Dead PresidentsLittle Walter
15I Got To Find My BabyLittle Walter
15BabyLittle Walter
16Southern FeelingLittle Walter
16Big Leg MamaLittle Walter
16Just A FeelingLittle Walter
16Driftin'Little Walter
16My Baby Is SweeterLittle Walter
17Driftin'Little Walter
17Back In the AlleyLittle Walter
17Mercy Babe (My Babe)Little Walter
17My Baby Is SweeterLittle Walter
17Nobody But YouLittle Walter
18TemperatureLittle Walter
18Crazy Mixed Up WorldLittle Walter
18I Feel So BadLittle Walter
18Last NightLittle Walter
18Don't Have To Hunt No MoreLittle Walter
19Crazy Mixed Up WorldLittle Walter
19Crazy LegsLittle Walter
19I Feel So BadLittle Walter
19You Better Watch YourselfLittle Walter
19Shake DancerLittle Walter
20Blue LightLittle Walter
20Tonight With A FoolLittle Walter
20Everybody Needs SomebodyLittle Walter
20Worried LifeLittle Walter
20Chicken ShackLittle Walter
21Worried LifeLittle Walter
21Feel So BadLittle Walter
21TemperatureLittle Walter
21Off The WallLittle Walter
21InstrumentalLittle Walter
22Last NightLittle Walter
22Off The WallLittle Walter
22Everything's Gonna Be AlrightLittle Walter
22Make It AlrightLittle Walter
22TemperatureLittle Walter
23Tell Me MamaLittle Walter
23Everything's Gonna Be AlrightLittle Walter
23TemperatureLittle Walter
23Mellow Down EasyLittle Walter
23JukeLittle Walter
24Everything's Gonna Be AlrightLittle Walter
24My BabeLittle Walter
24Quarter To TwelveLittle Walter
24TemperatureLittle Walter
25Everything's Gonna Be AlrightLittle Walter
25My BabeLittle Walter
25TemperatureLittle Walter
25That's ItLittle Walter
26Mean Old FriscoLittle Walter
26Ah'w BabyLittle Walter
27Mean Old FriscoLittle Walter

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