Sing Happy
Liza Minnelli

Sing me a happy song about robins in spring
Sing me a happy song with a happy ending
Some cheerful roundelay about catching the ring
Sing happy

Sing me a sonnet all about rolling in gold
Some peppy melody about rainbows blending
Nothing with phrases saying you're out in the cold
Sing happy

Tell me tomorrow's gonna be peaches and cream
Assure me clouds are lined with a silver lining
Say how you've realized an impossible dream
Sing me a happy song

Play me a madrigal about trips to the moon
Or some old ballad about two eyes shining
It can't be loud enough or a moment too soon
Sing happy

No need reminding me that it all fell apart
I need no lyrics singing of stormy weather
There's quite enough around me that's breaking my heart
Sing happy

Give me a Hallelujah and get up and shout
Tell me the sun is shining around the corner
Whoever's interested helping me out
Please keep it happy

I'm only in the market for long, loud laughter
I'll let you serenade me till dawn comes along
Just make it a happy
Keep it a happy song

Written by EBB KANDER

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