Skiffle King
    • Skiffle King
    • Released in 2009
    • 54 Songs


    1Gamblin' ManLonnie Donegan
    1Cumberland GapLonnie Donegan
    1My Old Man's A DustmanLonnie Donegan
    2Wabash CannonballLonnie Donegan
    2Lonnie's Skiffle Party (Part 1)Lonnie Donegan
    2I'm Alabammy BoundLonnie Donegan
    3On A MondayLonnie Donegan
    3Lost JohnLonnie Donegan
    3Don't You Rock Me Daddy-OLonnie Donegan
    4San MiguelLonnie Donegan
    4Ham And EggsLonnie Donegan
    4Pick A Bale Of CottonLonnie Donegan
    5Grand Coulee DamLonnie Donegan
    5The Party's OverLonnie Donegan
    5Sorry, But I'm Gonna Have To PassLonnie Donegan
    6Take This HammerLonnie Donegan
    6Jimmy Brown The NewsboyLonnie Donegan
    6Tom DooleyLonnie Donegan
    7StewballLonnie Donegan
    7Ella SpeedLonnie Donegan
    7My Dixie DarlingLonnie Donegan
    8The Battle Of New OrleansLonnie Donegan
    8Talking Guitar BluesLonnie Donegan
    8Lively!Lonnie Donegan
    9Betty, Betty, BettyLonnie Donegan
    9Light from The LighthouseLonnie Donegan
    9Wreck Of The Old '97Lonnie Donegan
    10Bring A Little Water, SylvieLonnie Donegan
    10Michael, Row The Boat AshoreLonnie Donegan
    10Lonesome TravellerLonnie Donegan
    11Have A Drink On MeLonnie Donegan
    11I Wanna Go HomeLonnie Donegan
    11Railroad BillLonnie Donegan
    12Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The LordLonnie Donegan
    12Darling CoreyLonnie Donegan
    12John HardyLonnie Donegan
    13Fort Worth JailLonnie Donegan
    13Jack O' DiamondsLonnie Donegan
    13The ComancherosLonnie Donegan
    14Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable To Lunch Today)Lonnie Donegan
    14Seven DaffodilsLonnie Donegan
    14GloryLonnie Donegan
    15LumberedLonnie Donegan
    15Dead Or AliveLonnie Donegan
    15Sally Don't You GrieveLonnie Donegan
    16Aunt Rhody (The Old Grey Goose)Lonnie Donegan
    16Mule Skinner BluesLonnie Donegan
    16Frankie And JohnnyLonnie Donegan
    17Sal's Got A Sugar LipLonnie Donegan
    17Lonnie's Skiffle Party (Part 2)Lonnie Donegan
    17LoreleiLonnie Donegan
    18Puttin' On The StyleLonnie Donegan
    18Rock Island LineLonnie Donegan
    18Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On The Bedpost Overnight)Lonnie Donegan

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