A Life In Music Selected Sides 1925 - 1953

A Life In Music Selected Sides 1925 - 1953

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  • A Life In Music Selected Sides 1925 - 1953


1Won't Don't BluesLonnie Johnson
1Man Killing BroadLonnie Johnson
2Hard Times Ain't Gone No WhereLonnie Johnson
2MR. Johnson's BluesLonnie Johnson
3Got The Blues For The West EndLonnie Johnson
3Falling Rain BluesLonnie Johnson
4No Good BluesLonnie Johnson
4Why Women Go WrongLonnie Johnson
5Jersey Belle BluesLonnie Johnson
5Newport BluesLonnie Johnson
6Love Story BluesLonnie Johnson
6Four-O-Three BluesLonnie Johnson
7Nile Of GenagoLonnie Johnson
7Crowing Rooster BluesLonnie Johnson
8Lazy Woman BluesLonnie Johnson
8To Do This You Gotta Know HowLonnie Johnson
9Chicago BluesLonnie Johnson
9South Bound WaterLonnie Johnson
10From 22 To 44Lonnie Johnson
10I Done Told YouLonnie Johnson
11Rambler's BluesLonnie Johnson
11Steppin' On The BluesLonnie Johnson
12Fly Right, BabyLonnie Johnson
12Four Hands Are Better Than TwoLonnie Johnson
13He's A Jelly-Roll BakerLonnie Johnson
13I Love You Mary LouLonnie Johnson
14Woke Up With The Blues In My FingersLonnie Johnson
14Watch ShortyLonnie Johnson
15Keep What You GotLonnie Johnson
15Stay Out Of Walnut Street AlleyLonnie Johnson
16St. Louis Cyclone BluesLonnie Johnson
16Drifting Along BluesLonnie Johnson
176/88 GlideLonnie Johnson
17How Could You Be So MeanLonnie Johnson
18Life Saver BluesLonnie Johnson
18Rocks In My BedLonnie Johnson
19Love Is The AnswerLonnie Johnson
19Untitled InstrumentalLonnie Johnson
20Blues For EverybodyLonnie Johnson
20I'm Not RoughLonnie Johnson
21Hotter Than ThatLonnie Johnson
21Blues In My SoulLonnie Johnson
22Savoy BluesLonnie Johnson
22Your Last Time OutLonnie Johnson
23Blues For LonnieLonnie Johnson
23Playing With The StringsLonnie Johnson
24What A WomanLonnie Johnson
24Stompin' 'Em Along SlowLonnie Johnson
25Tomorrow NightLonnie Johnson
25Away Down In The Alley BluesLonnie Johnson
26The MoocheLonnie Johnson
26Friendless BluesLonnie Johnson
27Falling Rain BluesLonnie Johnson
27Move OverLonnie Johnson
28Hot And BotheredLonnie Johnson
28It's Too Late To CryLonnie Johnson
29Playing AroundLonnie Johnson
29Careless LoveLonnie Johnson
30PaducahLonnie Johnson
30My My BabyLonnie Johnson
31Star DustLonnie Johnson
31Trouble Ain't Nothing But The BluesLonnie Johnson
32Have The Change Key To Play These BluesLonnie Johnson
32Blues Stay Away From MeLonnie Johnson
33Nothing But TroubleLonnie Johnson
33Jet Black BluesLonnie Johnson
34Blue Blood BluesLonnie Johnson
34Old Fashioned LoveLonnie Johnson
35What Do You Want That I've Got, Pretty BabyLonnie Johnson
35Sitting On Top Of The WorldLonnie Johnson
36Why Should I CryLonnie Johnson
36Kansas City Man BluesLonnie Johnson
37A Handful Of RiffsLonnie Johnson
37It Was All In VainLonnie Johnson
38She's Makin' Whoopee In Hell TonightLonnie Johnson
38You Only Want Me When You're LonelyLonnie Johnson
39Another Woman Booked And Bound To GoLonnie Johnson
39Me And My Crazy SelfLonnie Johnson
40Wipe It OffLonnie Johnson
40Seven Long DaysLonnie Johnson
41I'm GuiltyLonnie Johnson
41The Dirty DozenLonnie Johnson
42Just Another DayLonnie Johnson
42Deep Sea BluesLonnie Johnson
43Got The Blues For Murder OnlyLonnie Johnson
43You Can't Buy LoveLonnie Johnson
44Can't Sleep Any MoreLonnie Johnson
44Just A Roamin' ManLonnie Johnson
45Jelly Killed Old SamLonnie Johnson
45Don't Make My Cry, BabyLonnie Johnson
46My Woman Is GoneLonnie Johnson
46The Faults Of All Women And MenLonnie Johnson
47The Best Jockey In TownLonnie Johnson
47Will You RememberLonnie Johnson
48Uncle Ned Don't Lose Your HeadLonnie Johnson
48Stick With It, BabyLonnie Johnson
49I'm Nuts About That GalLonnie Johnson
49I Found A DreamLonnie Johnson
50Its Been So LongLonnie Johnson
50Racketeers BluesLonnie Johnson

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