Loretta Lynn

Lovin' What Your Lovin' Does To Me
My heart was at a standstill
Your touch shook it up
You made me see what I've missed

Now I can't get enough
I fit so right in your world
You set my heart on go
On the coldest day of winter

Lord, our love would melt the snow
Our love is hotter than the fire that swept Chicago
Deeper than the Gulf of Mexico
Sweeter than the sugarcane way down in Louisiana

Here with you is where I want to be
I'm lovin' what your lovin' does to me
Your love struck me
Like a bolt out of the blue

The first thing that I knew
I was givin' it all to you
You make it happen
Whenever I'm with you

The longest day of summer
Couldn't warm me like you do
Our love is stronger than the winds that hit Biloxi
Taller than the hills of Tennessee

More movin' than the earthquakes that shake up California
Here with you is where I want to be
I'm loving what your lovin' does to me

Written by CROUCH, JANE S. / DAE, TONI
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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