My Night To Howl

My Night To Howl

Lorrie Morgan

There's a good time moon on the rise tonight
I can hear the call of the city lights
There's a time to work,and a time to play
I've worked all I'm gonna work today
Ain't no stopping me now
It's my night to howl

This is my night to set the town a-rocking on it's heels
This is my night to go crazy just to see how it feels
I'm gonna dress up, gonna let my hair down
Like a wild cat on the prowl
This is my,my,my night to howl

Turn me loose,I'm a dancing fool
That band's got a bass drum that kicks like a country mule
When the town shuts down and it's time to go
I'm gonna take this party home
Ain't no stopping me now
It's my night to howl

[Chorus: x2]

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