Los Lobos

Just a man, made of blood and bone
Thrown away, all that was once my own

Old and worn, and tired too
Of cold so cold, and blue so blue

Endless love, washed away in the sand
Too much to lose, for just a man

In my time, never had my fill
Of broken hearts, for just a thrill

Letting my love, run through my hands
Too much to lose, for just a man

Don't put too many
Cards on this hard-headed man
Take whatever is yours
And get as far away as you can

No grey clouds, lined with silver and gold
No little boy, to watch me grow old

I play the game, as I know I can
So much to lose, for just a man

So much to ache, so much to break
Too much at stake, for just a man

Published by Universal Music Publishing Group, BUG MUSIC

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