Oh Yeah
Los Lobos

Middle of July
Standing on a corner
With nothing much to do
Talking with Cecilia
In nineteen-eighty-five
Glad to still be breathing
Glad to be alive

Where's all the time
Change on the dresser
Bed is still undone
What's a weary man to do
In nineteen-ninety-four
Hear the front bell ringing
But no one's at the door

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

Who's gonna know
When all is said and done
That a boy was born to Rita
In nineteen-sixty-one
And lived a hundred years
By nineteen-ninety-six
Who's ever gonna notice
That it all came down to this

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

Written by ROSAS, PEREZ
Published by BUG MUSIC

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