The Best Of RCA Victor Recordings

The Best Of RCA Victor Recordings

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  • The Best Of RCA Victor Recordings


1AngelinaLou Monte
1If I Knew You Were Comin' Id've Baked A Cake (Italian Style)Lou Monte
2Jealous Of You (Tango Della Gelosia)Lou Monte
2Ask Your HeartLou Monte
3A Baby CriedLou Monte
3If I Was A MillionaireLou Monte
4One Moment MoreLou Monte
4Roman GuitarLou Monte with Joe Reisman's Orchestra
5Darktown Strutters Ball (Italian Style)Lou Monte
5Some Cloud AboveLou Monte
6I Know How You FeelLou Monte
6Someone Else Is Taking You HomeLou Monte
7Won't You Forgive MeLou Monte
7The Wife (La Mogliera)Lou Monte
8Vera's VerandaLou Monte
8Musica Bella (The Beautiful Music Of Love)Lou Monte
9Chain ReactionLou Monte
9Ha! Ha! Ha! (Che Lla La!)Lou Monte
10Just Like BeforeLou Monte
10Round And Round My HeartLou Monte
11In My DreamsLou Monte
11Lazy Mary (Luna Mezza Mare)Lou Monte
12RouletteLou Monte
12AngeliqueLou Monte
13Cat's WhiskersLou Monte
13Strada 'N FosaLou Monte
14The Italian Wallflower (I'll Dance With Her, Henry)Lou Monte
14MariannaLou Monte
15DreamboatLou Monte
15Where Do You Work Marie (Where Do You Work-a John)Lou Monte
16Bella NotteLou Monte
16The Italian Cowboy SongLou Monte
17With You Beside MeLou Monte
17Pizza Boy U.S.A.Lou Monte with Joe Reisman's Orchestra
18King Of The RiverLou Monte
18The Angel In The FountainLou Monte
19Yaller, Yaller, GoldLou Monte
19Solo Per Te (Only For You)Lou Monte
20Rosina! (The Menu Song)Lou Monte
20Pistol Packin' MamaLou Monte
21Tombolee TombolaLou Monte
21Have AnotherLou Monte
22Italian Jingle BellsLou Monte
22All Because It's ChristmasLou Monte
23Santo NataleLou Monte
23Santa NicolaLou Monte
24Pony TailLou Monte
24Guarda Che LunaLou Monte
25Nina, The Queen Of The TeenersLou Monte
25Remember This GumbaLou Monte

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