The Sire Years: The Solo Collection
    • The Sire Years: The Solo Collection
    • Released in 2014
    • 89 Songs


    1Egg CreamLou Reed
    1Dorita - The SpiritLou Reed
    1Paranoia Key Of ELou Reed
    1I'll Be Your Mirror (Live Version)Lou Reed
    1Romeo Had JulietteLou Reed
    1OvertureLou Reed
    2Perfect Day (Live Version)Lou Reed
    2What's Good - The ThesisLou Reed
    2Edgar AllanLou Reed
    2NYC ManLou Reed
    2Mystic ChildLou Reed
    2Halloween ParadeLou Reed
    3Call On MeLou Reed (Featuring Laurie Anderson)
    3MadLou Reed
    3Power And Glory - The SituationLou Reed
    3Dirty Blvd.Lou Reed
    3The Kids (Live Version)Lou Reed
    3Finish LineLou Reed
    4Magician - InternallyLou Reed
    4ChangeLou Reed
    4Vicious (Live Version)Lou Reed
    4Endless CycleLou Reed
    4EcstasyLou Reed
    4Trade InLou Reed
    5Hang On To Your EmotionsLou Reed
    5Sword Of Damocles - ExternallyLou Reed
    5There Is No TimeLou Reed
    5Modern DanceLou Reed
    5Busload Of Faith (Live Version)Lou Reed
    5The BedLou Reed
    6Perfect DayLou Reed (Featuring Antony)
    6TattersLou Reed
    6Goodby Mass - In A Chapel Bodily TerminationLou Reed
    6Kicks (Live Version)Lou Reed
    6Sex With Your Parents (Motherfucker) Part II (Live)Lou Reed
    6Last Great American WhaleLou Reed
    7Cremation - Ashes To AshesLou Reed
    7HookywookyLou Reed
    7Future Farmers Of AmericaLou Reed
    7The RavenLou Reed
    7Beginning Of A Great AdventureLou Reed
    7Talking Book (Live Version)Lou Reed
    8Dreamin' - EscapeLou Reed
    8Busload Of FaithLou Reed
    8Into The Divine (Live Version)Lou Reed
    8Turning Time AroundLou Reed
    8BalloonLou Reed
    8The PropostionLou Reed
    9AdventurerLou Reed
    9White PrismLou Reed
    9Coney Island Baby (Live Version)Lou Reed
    9Sick Of YouLou Reed
    9No Chance - RegretLou Reed
    9Broadway SongLou Reed
    10Blind RageLou Reed
    10Rock MinuetLou Reed
    10Hold OnLou Reed
    10RiptideLou Reed
    10New Sensations (Live Version)Lou Reed
    10Warrior King - RevengeLou Reed
    11Baton RougeLou Reed
    11Good Evening Mr. WaldheimLou Reed
    11Set The Twilight ReelingLou Reed
    11Burning EmbersLou Reed
    11Why Do You Talk (Live Version)Lou Reed
    11Harry's Circumcision - Reverie Gone AstrayLou Reed
    12Gassed And Stoked - LossLou Reed
    12Like A PossumLou Reed
    12Xmas In FebruaryLou Reed
    12Original Wrapper (Live Version)Lou Reed
    12Vanishing ActLou Reed
    13StrawmanLou Reed
    13GuiltyLou Reed (Featuring Ornette Coleman)
    13Power And Glory Part II - Magic - TransformationLou Reed
    13RougeLou Reed
    13Dirty Blvd. (Live Version)Lou Reed
    14Dime Store MysteryLou Reed
    14I Wanna Know (The Pit And The Pendulum)Lou Reed (Featuring Blind Boys Of Alabama)
    14Magic And Loss - The SummationLou Reed
    14Riptide (Live Version)Lou Reed
    14Big SkyLou Reed
    15Science Of The MindLou Reed
    15Sex With Your Parents (Live Version)Lou Reed
    16Hop FrogLou Reed (Featuring David Bowie)
    17Tripitena's SpeechLou Reed
    18Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song)Lou Reed
    19Guardian AngelLou Reed
    20The Valley Of UnrestLou Reed
    21A Thousand Departed FriendsLou Reed

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