Complete Hot Five & Hot Seven
    • Complete Hot Five & Hot Seven
    • Released in 2013
    • 102 Songs


    1Gut Bucket BluesLouis Armstrong
    1I Can't Give You Anything but Love (Common Take)Louis Armstrong
    1Melancholy (Common Take)Louis Armstrong
    1Struttin' with Some BarbecueLouis Armstrong
    2My HeartLouis Armstrong
    2Melancholy (Rare Take)Louis Armstrong
    2I Can't Give You Anything but Love (Rare Take)Louis Armstrong
    2Got No BluesLouis Armstrong
    3Yes! I'm in a BarrelLouis Armstrong
    3FireworksLouis Armstrong
    3Knockin' a JugLouis Armstrong
    3Once in a WhileLouis Armstrong
    4Skip the GutterLouis Armstrong
    4Come Back, Sweet PapaLouis Armstrong
    4I'm Not RoughLouis Armstrong
    4Gambler's DreamLouis Armstrong
    5Hotter Than ThatLouis Armstrong
    5Sunshine BabyLouis Armstrong
    5Georgia GrindLouis Armstrong
    5A Monday DateLouis Armstrong
    6Heebie JeebiesLouis Armstrong
    6Adam and Eve Had the BluesLouis Armstrong
    6Savoy BluesLouis Armstrong
    6Don't Jive MeLouis Armstrong
    7Georgia Bo BoLouis Armstrong
    7Cornet Chop SueyLouis Armstrong
    7West End BluesLouis Armstrong
    7Put It Where I Can Get ItLouis Armstrong
    8Oriental StrutLouis Armstrong
    8Drop That Sack (Common Take)Louis Armstrong
    8Wash Woman BluesLouis Armstrong
    8Sugar Foot StrutLouis Armstrong
    9Two DeucesLouis Armstrong
    9Drop That Sack (Rare Take)Louis Armstrong
    9I've Stopped My ManLouis Armstrong
    9You're NextLouis Armstrong
    10Muskrat RambleLouis Armstrong
    10Squeeze MeLouis Armstrong
    10Willie the WeeperLouis Armstrong
    10Static StrutLouis Armstrong
    11Don't Forget to Mess AroundLouis Armstrong
    11Knee DropsLouis Armstrong
    11Wild Man BluesLouis Armstrong
    11Stomp off, Let's GoLouis Armstrong
    12No (Papa, No)Louis Armstrong
    12I'm Gonna GitchaLouis Armstrong
    12Alligator CrawlLouis Armstrong
    12He Likes It SlowLouis Armstrong
    13Droppin' ShucksLouis Armstrong
    13Easy Come Easy Go BluesLouis Armstrong
    13Potato Head BluesLouis Armstrong
    13Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong
    14No One Else but YouLouis Armstrong
    14MelancholyLouis Armstrong
    14The Blues StampedeLouis Armstrong
    14Who'sitLouis Armstrong
    15King of the ZulusLouis Armstrong
    15Beau Koo JackLouis Armstrong
    15I'm Goin' Huntin'Louis Armstrong
    15Weary BluesLouis Armstrong
    16Save It, Pretty MamaLouis Armstrong
    16Big Fat Ma and Skinny PaLouis Armstrong
    16Twelfth Street RagLouis Armstrong
    16If You Wanna Be My Sugar PapaLouis Armstrong
    17MugglesLouis Armstrong
    17You're a Real SweetheartLouis Armstrong
    17Lonesome BluesLouis Armstrong
    17Keyhole BluesLouis Armstrong
    18Too BusyLouis Armstrong
    18Sweet Little PapaLouis Armstrong
    18Hear Me Talkin' to YaLouis Armstrong
    18S.O.L. BluesLouis Armstrong
    19St. James InfirmaryLouis Armstrong
    19Jazz LipsLouis Armstrong
    19Was It a Dream?Louis Armstrong
    19Gully Low BluesLouis Armstrong
    20Tight Like ThisLouis Armstrong
    20Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed MeLouis Armstrong
    20That's When I'll Come Back to YouLouis Armstrong
    20Skid-Dat-De-DatLouis Armstrong
    21I Can't Give You Anything but LoveLouis Armstrong
    21Big Butter and Egg ManLouis Armstrong
    21Weather BirdLouis Armstrong
    21Chicago BreakdownLouis Armstrong
    22Weary BluesLouis Armstrong
    22Symphonic RapsLouis Armstrong
    22BabyLouis Armstrong
    22Sunset Café StompLouis Armstrong
    23You Made Me Love YouLouis Armstrong
    23Savoyagers StompLouis Armstrong
    23New Orleans StompLouis Armstrong
    23Sweethearts on ParadeLouis Armstrong
    24Irish Black BottomLouis Armstrong
    24I Must Have That ManLouis Armstrong
    24Mahogany Hall StompLouis Armstrong
    24Wild Man Blues (Common Take)Louis Armstrong
    25Funny FeathersLouis Armstrong
    25Put 'Em Down BluesLouis Armstrong
    25Wild Man Blues (Rare Take)Louis Armstrong
    26How Do You Do It That Way?Louis Armstrong
    26Ory's Creole TromboneLouis Armstrong
    27The Last TimeLouis Armstrong

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