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Blue Shadows

Blue Shadows

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1Reconsider BabyLowell Fulson
2Miss Lillie BrownLowell Fulson
3Trouble TroubleLowell Fulson
4Rollin' BluesLowell Fulson
5Highway 99Lowell Fulson
6Someday BabyLowell Fulson
79.30 ShuffleLowell Fulson
8I Want to Make Love to YouLowell Fulson
9Rock This MorningLowell Fulson
10Mean Woman BluesLowell Fulson
11That’s All RightLowell Fulson
12Took a Long TimeLowell Fulson
13Thinking BluesLowell Fulson
14Worry WorryLowell Fulson
15Have You Changed Your MindLowell Fulson
16Jelly JellyLowell Fulson
17K.C. BoundLowell Fulson
18I'm Glad You ReconsideredLowell Fulson
19Blue ShadowsLowell Fulson
20Tryin to Find My BabyLowell Fulson
21Trouble with the BluesLowell Fulson
22I Want to KnowLowell Fulson
23So Many TearsLowell Fulson
24It’s a Long TimeLowell Fulson
25Why Don’t You Write MeLowell Fulson
26Lets Throw a Boogie WoogieLowell Fulson
27Shed No TearsLowell Fulson
28Hung Down HeadLowell Fulson
29Lonely HoursLowell Fulson
30Comin Home (Someday)Lowell Fulson
31Pay Day BluesLowell Fulson
32Tell Me BabyLowell Fulson
33Loving YouLowell Fulson
34Whiskey BluesLowell Fulson
35Fulson BoogieLowell Fulson

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