Lucinda Williams

How long have you been hangin' around
Your eyes fixed to the cement ground
Your heart is warm, your hands are cold
You know the truth, but the story gets old
You stood on the corner for a long time
People passin' by you gave you nickels and dimes
They think you're one of the nameless
Cause you got no record and you ain't famous

Oh, bill, I know how you're feelin'
Your heart's on fire and your head is reelin'
But with the spirit to guide you
And a friend beside you
You know you'll win
If you're only willin'

The sun's so hot and my heart is thumpin'
Let me buy you a beer or somethin'
You've been travellin' a hard road
Sit down, bill, lighten your load
If you need a friend, give me a call
I got your picture on my wall
From one compadre to another
I love you, bill, as I would my brother

[Chorus: x2]

Published by ALPHA MUSIC, INC.

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