Coming 2 America (Album Version (Edited))

Coming 2 America (Album Version (Edited))


The royal penis is clean your highness
Thank you, king s***

Yeah motherf***ers! Welcome to the United States of America.
Time to roll out the red carpet on y'all b**** a**es.
Hailin from the filthy, dirty South, where the Kings lay.
Ludacris; Disturbin' Tha Peace family. Recognize royalty
when you hear it. The throne has been taken, so kiss this
n****'s earring. Luda throw some grapes on these b****es!

These b****es throwin rose petals at my feet mayn!
They want to spoil me, treatin me like royalty;
what I'm 'sposed to do? It's such a sweet thang
Work that track, whip 'em like Kunta
That's why they stay down, they loyal citizens of Zamunda
By way of A-T-L; if you disagree
don't even look at me ho don't pa** go just go straight to jail
With no probation or bail, but this ain't Monopoly
It's Jolly Green Giants cause we smoke so much broccoli
Uh-oh, Spaghetti-O's! Luda's oodles of noodles
And testin me is like pitbulls put up to poodles
My rap career goes back further than yo' father hairline
It's Ludacris - I pack more nuts than Delta Airlines
I'm fly, even when I get high I work cash
And even got my coats bumped up to first cla**
I'm boss to all employees - and I'm here to teach the principle
Cause I've been saved by mo' bells than Lark Vorhees

Man f*** that n**** 'Cris man, for real man. I'm tired of
this s*** man. Man I try to rap for the n****, I try to get
a n**** tracks; he ain't hearin my s***. Man for real.
Man my four-year-old son can rap better than that n****;
man that n**** garbage. Man I got talent too, the n**** ain't
hearin me. Man iii-iiiis this s*** on? 'Cris, c'mon 'Cris.
'Cris, f'real man. F*** YOU N****, MAN F*** YOU!

F*** you too! What you want to do, scrawny n****
But I got a arsenal of automatics down to twenty-twos
Know how to use 'em, fight dirty as S***
I throw a grenade and all-in-one bury a CLIQUE
You see y'all got it all wrong like women in tuxedos
And comin up shorter than five Danny DeVitos
I'm on a cool ranch, get laid more than Fritos
With five strippers, four wives and three amigos
I go scuba divin in Bays at Montego
I find gold links and snatch 'em like I'm Deebo
But I'm the light-skinteted version of Mandingo
I've seen more Beatles and Jagged Edges than Ringo
I used to run numbers in line they caled me BINGO
Cause I'm big, you a little star, you just twinkle
Old a**es like sharpeis, y'all all wrinkled
And I stay with more BULLETS than yo' Billboard singles

Ho that is just too much! You just gotta give applause
he is definitely all f'real - yaseeI'msayin? Ha ha I be
f***in with him all the time, yahhmean? I'm sayin, I used
to just now home come through he want filters a purple,
he want quarters a purple now. I want y'all to trip with it
man, I woulda sold him a Coupe we coulda played with,
ya see what I'm sayin'?

Yeah, can I get a little hit of that, little n**** with a bigga sack
See piece of the bigger trap look at that God be rollin on that
Where they kick it at? And a lot of people just don't know
Shady Park you heard just don't go
Quick to flip the bird up po'-po'
Makin the way for that rodeo, that rodeo show!
Gotta hit 'em with a reload, I gotta put 'em with the people
I gotta make a n**** stop, drop, roll - oh no where the beat go?
Bring that, s*** back, didn't want to hear that, clik-clak
Tons of fun with guns
F*** all the lil' chit-chat get back get that get that
Who knows, who goes there? Motherf***ers it's Poppa Bear
Stop and stare; pourin out a lil' gasoline and then drop a flare
Come on, FIRE! And you know I can't stop 'til I re-TIRE!
Oh no, we stay swoll, rollin on Vogue TIRES!
Right down the avenue, pa**in you rapidly stackin
In the back of the Cadillac and packin emergency action
Camera, LIGHT LIGHTS, throwin a punch and then FIGHT FIGHT
Packin a lunch and then BITE BITE, A-T-L stay TIGHT TIGHT

I'm just tryin to save ya shorty. I'ma let you know
it's real down heah. When you ride down that two-eighty-five,
and you go past Kincaid, get ready to go past that Cambleton Road
fo' you get it cut free shorty just shave; cause dat where dem
real n****z at. I ain't lyin when you in Decatur and you flossin
down Clintwood, Cambleton Road or Boulder to shave!
Cause dat where dem real n****z at. When you're goin down that
ol' Nat Hill and you pa** dat second waffle house 'fore you get
to the rich n****z dang, cause dat where dem real n****z at!
Matter of fact, just shave when ya get to Georgia n****.

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