This Is Christmas  (Album Version)

This Is Christmas (Album Version)

Luther Vandross

Don't be discouraged, don't be dismayed
There's hope for all in this world
'Cause this is Christmas day
Say a little prayer for the world
God teach us love
Though you think that He doesn't hear
I know he does

This is Christmas, let the world sing
Let us all begin to heal
Hallelujah. This is Christmas
And with love we can

Christmas bell ring, people's hearts sing
And I forget about all the troubles I seem to have,
and I tell myself to feel how my brother feels
Try to love him and maybe then I'll understand him
Make a little room in our hearts
No heart's too small
Can't we love each other today?
'Cause after all

Come, come, come see the little one
Come, come, come see the little one
Come see the baby
Come see the baby

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