• OPERATION: DOOMSDAY (Complete)
    • Released in 2011
    • 42 Songs


    1The Time We Faced Doom (Skit)MF Doom
    1Dead Bent (Original 12" Version)MF Doom
    2Doomsday feat. Pebbles The Invisible GirlMF Doom
    2Gas Drawls (Original 12" Version)MF Doom
    3Rhymes Like Dimes feat. DJ Cucumber SliceMF Doom
    3Hey (Original 12" Version)MF Doom
    4The Finest feat. Tommy GunnMF Doom
    4Greenbacks (Original 12" Version)MF Doom
    5Back In The Days (Skit)MF Doom
    5Go With The Flow feat. Sci.Fly (Original 12" Version)MF Doom
    6Go With The Flow (Raw Rhymes)MF Doom
    6Go With The FlowMF Doom
    7Tick, Tick... feat. MF GrimmMF Doom
    7I Hear Voices Pt. 1 (Original 12" Clean Version)MF Doom
    8Red And Gold feat. King GhidraMF Doom
    8I Hear Voices Pt. 2 feat. MF Grimm (Original 12" Clean Version)MF Doom
    9Tick, Tock (Original 12" Main Mix Version)MF Doom
    9The Hands Of Doom (Skit)MF Doom
    10? (Extended Raw Rhymes Version)MF Doom
    10Who You Think I Am? feat. K.D., King Ghidra, Kong, Megalon, Rodan, X-RayMF Doom
    11Doom, Are You Awake? (Skit)MF Doom
    11Dead Bent (Original 12" Instrumental Version)MF Doom
    12Gas Drawls (Original 12" Instrumental Version)MF Doom
    12Hey!MF Doom
    13Operation: Greenbacks feat. MegalonMF Doom
    13Hey! (Original 12" Instrumental Version)MF Doom
    14The Mic feat. Pebbles The Invisible GirlMF Doom
    14Greenbacks (Original 12" Instrumental Version)MF Doom
    15The Mic (Original 12" Instrumental)MF Doom
    15The Mystery Of Doom (Skit)MF Doom
    16Dead BentMF Doom
    16Red And Gold (Original 12" Instrumental)MF Doom
    17Gas DrawlsMF Doom
    17I Hear Voices (Original 12" Instrumental Version)MF Doom
    18? feat. KuriousMF Doom
    18Doomsday (Instrumental)MF Doom
    19Hero v.s. Villain (Epilogue) feat. E. MasonMF Doom
    19Rhymes Like Dimes (Instrumental)MF Doom
    20The Finest (Instrumental)MF Doom
    21The Hands Of Doom (Instrumental)MF Doom
    22Who You Think I Am (Instrumental)MF Doom
    23? (Instrumental)MF Doom

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