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The Beginning of Doves

The Beginning of Doves

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1Jasper C. DebussyMarc Bolan
2Hippy GumboMarc Bolan
3MisfitMarc Bolan
4The Lilac Hand of Menthol DanMarc Bolan
5Black and White IncidentMarc Bolan
6Jasmine '49Marc Bolan
7Cat BlackMarc Bolan
8You Got the PowerMarc Bolan
9Eastern SpellMarc Bolan
10CharlieMarc Bolan
11I'm WeirdMarc Bolan
12Pictures of Purple PeopleMarc Bolan
13Horrible BreathMarc Bolan
14Hippy GumboMarc Bolan
15Mustang FordMarc Bolan
16Hot Rod MamaMarc Bolan
17ObservationsMarc Bolan
18The Perfumed Garden of Gulliver SmithMarc Bolan
19Rings of FortuneT. Rex
20Sarah Crazy ChildT. Rex
21Lunacy's BackT. Rex
22Misty Mist (Highways)T. Rex
23Beyond the Rising SunT. Rex
24One Inch RockT. Rex
25Sleepy MauriceT. Rex
26Jasper C. DebussyT. Rex
27Hot Rod MamaT. Rex
28The Beginning of DovesT. Rex
29Sally Was an AngelT. Rex
30Lunacy's BackT. Rex
31Beyond the Rising SunT. Rex
32Observations (Alternative Version ) [With Two Pianos] [Bonus Track]Marc Bolan
33Hippy Gumbo (2nd Alternative Version) [Different Vox & Mi] [Bonus Track]Marc Bolan
34Misfit (Alternative Version) [Working Version] [Bonus Track]Marc Bolan
35Jasper C. Debussy (Alternative Version - Rough Mix) [Bonus Track]Marc Bolan
36Observations (2nd Alternative Version - Rough Mix) [Bonus Track]Marc Bolan
37Hippy Gumbo (3rd Alternative Version - Rough Mix) [Bonus Track]Marc Bolan

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