Marcia Griffiths and Friends
    • Marcia Griffiths and Friends
    • Released in 2012
    • 38 Songs


    1Automatic (Keeping It Real)Marcia Griffiths
    1Stand By Your ManMarcia Griffiths
    2If Only You KnewMarcia Griffiths
    2I See LoveMarcia Griffiths
    3All My LifeMarcia Griffiths
    3Desperate LoverMarcia Griffiths
    4Love Is a TreasureMarcia Griffiths
    4Undying LoveMarcia Griffiths
    5A TrueMarcia Griffiths
    5Childish GamesMarcia Griffiths
    6WomanMarcia Griffiths
    6DearestMarcia Griffiths
    7Check It OutMarcia Griffiths
    7Just You and MeMarcia Griffiths
    8Half IdiotMarcia Griffiths Feat. Cutty Ranks
    8Sense of PurposeMarcia Griffiths
    9Things Not So RightMarcia Griffiths
    9Knew You Were Waiting for Me aka I Knew You Were WaitingMarcia Griffiths
    10When the Lights Are LowMarcia Griffiths
    10Live OnMarcia Griffiths
    11CloserMarcia Griffiths
    11It's Not Too LateMarcia Griffiths
    12If You Give Me Your HeartMarcia Griffiths
    12Really TogetherMarcia Griffiths
    13Round and RoundMarcia Griffiths
    13Give Me Your LovingMarcia Griffiths Feat. Cutty Ranks
    14It's Not Funny (Cause I Got a Broken Heart)Marcia Griffiths
    14Number OneMarcia Griffiths
    15Special GiftMarcia Griffiths
    15Nothing's Gonna Stop Us NowMarcia Griffiths
    16Ebony IvoryMarcia Griffiths Feat. Bob Andy
    16Riddim Affi RollMarcia Griffiths
    17Stepping Out a BabylonMarcia Griffiths
    17Oh No Not My BabyMarcia Griffiths
    18Loving Jah aka Forever Loving JahMarcia Griffiths
    18Watch Out for ThatMarcia Griffiths
    19Ready to GoMarcia Griffiths
    19Want LoveMarcia Griffiths

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