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Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition

Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition

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  • Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition


1Overture - (The Nightmare Before Christmas)Danny Elfman
2Opening - (The Nightmare Before Christmas)Patrick Stewart
3This Is HalloweenThe Citizens of Halloween
4Jack's LamentDanny Elfman
5Doctor Finklestein / In The ForestDanny Elfman
6What's This?Danny Elfman
7Town Meeting SongCast - The Nightmare Before Christmas
8Jack and Sally MontageDanny Elfman
9Jack's ObsessionDanny Elfman
10Kidnap The Sandy ClawsDanny Elfman
11Making ChristmasThe Citizens of Halloween
12NabbedDanny Elfman
13Oogie Boogie's SongKen Page
14Sally's SongCatherine O'Hara
15Christmas Eve MontageDanny Elfman
16Poor JackDanny Elfman
17To The RescueDanny Elfman
18Finale / RepriseDanny Elfman
19ClosingDanny Elfman
20End TitleDanny Elfman
21This Is HalloweenMarilyn Manson
22Sally's SongFiona Apple
23What's This?Fall Out Boy
24Kidnap the Sandy ClawsShe Wants Revenge
25This is HalloweenPanic! At the Disco
26Making ChristmasDanny Elfman
27Oogie Boogie's SongDanny Elfman
28Kidnap the Sandy ClawsDanny Elfman
29This is HalloweenDanny Elfman

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